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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Mauipictures almost whitout windsurfing

Here is some pictures taken on my last trips to Maui. They show the other Maui, where windsurfing and surfing is almost absent. Some pictures from Paia, Makawao, Haleakela etc. etc.
Maui nature

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Video from Uppers at Kanaha

A short video shot at Uppers the last day on Maui.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Home again

Finally home in Norway again after a looooong trip home from Maui. I can't say that I was impressed by the weather when we landed this morning. Fogg, wind, rain and temperature about 8 degrees was what met us when we got off the plane. Actually it was so windy that many of my friends was going out windsurfing, they claim that the conditions haven't been this good since Tormod and I left three weeks ago. Tormod and I was not tempted to join them, it tempted more to crush on the sofa in the appartment. The best news for us to day was that all our gear got safely home to Norway with us, boards sails etc. all arrived in time and whitout any damage to Gardemoen.

Got some sailing at uppers the last day

The last day in paradise and once again we went to Kanaha. It was windy so I rigged my 4,4m2 and went to Uppers since it was totaly flat on Lower. Got almost two hours with great sailing before it was time to pack up and head to the airport for check inn. At the airport we where lucky, all our bags weighed below 50 pounds and was axcepted for transport after a fee off 340 USD, this was for three boards so I guess we where lucky. At the moment we are in Frankfurth waiting for our flight to Oslo, lets hope that all our gear comes home intact.

Later to day I might also add a video filmed on the water the last day

Friday, October 26, 2007

Windy, windy, windy and waves on Kanaha

Pozo or Kanaha? The strength of the wind gave me a flashback to Pozo, but since we had perfect logohigh sideshore waves Pozo was out off the picture. Kanaha isn't that bad either! Sailed with my 4,4m2 and 84 liter waveboard using a 20,5 fin and had a great time "ripping" the waves. Didn't get off the water before 5.30 when the wind started to dropp.
I know that there where a lot of people complaining about the gusty wind but I guess my timing on the water was lucky because I had a blast most of the time.
Tested some new angels for my videocam mounted bouth on the boom (leward going in) and also attached to the mast just above the boom. Check this place for a video to be launched soon

To morrow is our last day and it looks like another day with wind & waves, guess we will be pretty exhausted when we leave Maui in the evening.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Kanaha once again, then up to Ho'okipa

To day we sailed once more at Kanaha in gorgeous conditions, used my 5,0m2 but after only 2,5 hour we was exhausted and went to Subway for lunch.
The first hour at Kanaha I sailed with a headcam, but as you can see on the attaced video, it's not easy to get good shots when the camera just keep on bounsing up and down

After lunch we decided to head up to Ho'okipa to check out the action. Ho'okipa was "going off", when we arrived Naish, Polakow and probably many other off the top guns where rigging down, but there where still plenty off action going on. Francisco was out testing some new gear, and I have to admit. His bottomturns are something else, even better than mine...... Just check out some off the pictures I took.
Ho'okipa on fire

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Video from Kanaha

Decided to cut and past a small video from Kanaha to day, here it is. Not exactly Oscarnominee but it's a start. Lets hope for better result tomorrow with a headcam.

Kanaha on fire!

Once again we where blessed with lots of wind and wounderfull waves at Kanaha, sailed with my 5,0m2 and had a blast in the waves at Lowers. Average size where head to logo and for the first hour or so there where plenty of room on every wave and it was just to grab all the waves I possibly could get on to and rip the appart. Averaging5-6 bottomturns on the waves gets you realy stoked. For the first hour I tested my new camera but I have to admit it ended with a lot of video off a clear blue sky. To morrow I will test it mounted to a helmet and hope for better luck.
After to long sessions in the waves I hit the beach for the last time of the day around 5.30 totally exhausted. After this it was time for refueling with some food so we went to Paia and got a huge steak at Milagros. Anohter day in paradise almost done and as it looks now we will have wind and waves for the remaining 3 days on Maui, thursday and friday even promisses "high surf" so at the moment it doesn't look like we will be boored the last days either.
No pictures to day but maybee at video to morrow.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Chilling at Kanaha

Chilling at Kanaha

No waves and no wind to day. We went to Kanaha and chilled on the beach for a couple off hours before we went to pick up Tormod's boom at Hawaiian Island surf & sport. I also managed to spend som money to day when I bought a digitaly waterproof videocamera witch should be fun to test when the waves arrives later in the week.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Tour d' Paia


After a great day in the water and on the beach we prettended to be tourists and took some pictures in Paia. This is where we have found most of our favourite restaurants, like Jaques, Paia fishmarket, Cafe Mambo, Cafe Aimes, Milagros and of course the fantastic foodstore Mana Foods. In this litle town you meet all kinds of people, and the majoroty is surfers and windsurfers, but you also run into hippies who still think think that woodstock was last week.

Time for surfing

Surfing at Kanaha and boggieboard in Paia

Sunday morning and no wind. We borrowed some Quatro longboards from Lalo and went to Kanaha for a great session in the waves. The paddel out at Kanaha is a test of endurance but the award is a wounderfull natur experience. Sitting out there with about 20 other surfers from all over the world, and off course some locals is just someting you don't want to miss. There is also a growing numbers of standup padlers, but so far it is not a problem. Spent almost two hours in the break and was lucky to get some nice rides. And a good advise, save some strength to your paddel in to the beach, it's a long, long paddel.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Light wind and swell at Kanaha

Superlight Kanaha

When we arrived at Kanaha to day it was very clear that the rule was go big or go home. Go home was not an option since the waves looked pretty cool. I rigged my 5,3m2 and took my big waveboard, Tormod took his bathingtowel and chilled on the beach since his board was to small.
Going out it felt like beeing at Punta Preta, big glasy waves and hardly any wind. Managed to float my way out trough the channel and sometimes over the waves but was hardly ever planning on my way out. Once outside it was just to pick a wave and enjoy a realy smooth ride on the waves. Some of the waves where actually the biggest we have seen so far. After almost two hours it was time to hit the beach . On the beach I met Pascal and Ronald, they also wanted to get some action and went out. But after one ride each the wind died and they almost had to swim to the beach.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Kanaha once again

Kanaha fredag 19. oktober 2007

Had another great day at Kanaha to day, started off with 5,om2 but had to rigg dow to 4,4m2 pretty quick and had two hours off sailing in waves at about 2-6 feet. The waves where about the same as yesterday, but it was longer between the realy good once.
After lunch I rigged my 5,om2 once again and had another two hours before the waves dropped and sinze my strengt also dropped at the same time it was one happy surfer who hit the beach after another day in paradise.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Epic Kanaha

Epic Kanaha

Once again Kanaha delivered the goods. A nice swell at 2-5 feet was rolling in all day long and the wind was steady 10-15 mph witch made it a great day to realy test my small Goya at 84 liters in down the line surf with my 5,3m2. If I wanted to I could have used my 5,0m2 as well but it's nice to have a litle extra power. After lunch the wind dropped a litle bit so I decided to take my 95 liter Goya and ended the day with another great session in the waves. A huge tank to Tormod for the pictures.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Smooth sailing at Kanaha

Once again we ended up at Kanaha where the wind was very light when we arrived in the morning. We took off and did some shopping, grabbed lunch and went back ater a couple off hours. The wind was still to light so we just chilled on the beach, waiting for the wind to pick up. And about 3.30 it did, rigged my 5,3m2 took my big waveboard and went out for an hour and a half with light wind wavesailing. The waves where about 1-1,5 meter and I had great time ripping down the line at lower Kanaha.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Kanaha delivered

Kanaha 17102007

To day the north shore off Maui got hit by the first winterswell for the seasson, the forcast said 2-5 feet and as we hoped, we got our best day of sailing so far. We sailed at Kanaha, I used my 5,3m2 and big waveboard, before lunch the wind was very light and I was only planing when riding the waves. The biggest waves where about 2 meters and extremly smooth and glasy. After lunch the wind picked up a litle bitt and it was full power almost all the time. Got some realy great rides and was realy stoked when I hit the beach for the last time of the day around 5 o'clock.

We had dinner at Jaques in Paia when Kai and Kyle dropped by and joined us. They had been on Ho'okipa and was upset by the fact that the windsurfers who went out got their gear confiscated by the Rangers and was ordered to meet in court. The reason was that there had been to many surfers out, but according to Kai the surfers had gone out after the windsurfers even though it was blowing plenty.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Bump & jump at Sprecks

Sprecks 15102007

After our tour at Twin Falls, we went to Sprecks for some bump & jump sailing. The swell have not found the way to Maui's northshore this fall, so we have to enjoy what we have. Sailed a couple of hours with my 5,3m2, but in the end I had to rigg down to my 5,0m2 and had a nother hour with great jumps and some photoshoots from the water. About 4.30 we packed up and went to Jaques in Paia for a New York Steak, after at hard day at the office........

And when we talk about waves, Lalo is talking about some swell coming in to morrow, I guess we will have to wait and see.......

Here is a videocut from Sprecks, filmed by Sigurd and edited by Tormod

Twin Falls

Twin Falls

The day started kind of slow with tour to Twin Falls just 5 minutes drive away from our house. Twin Falls is one of Maui's many waterfall and there is a nice hike through the "jungel" to get to it, the entire trip took us about an hour.

Sprecks v.s. Kanaha

We took a litle tripp down to Kihei to day, looking for a Bikeshop but couldn't find it and returned to the north shore only to find that the wind had picked up. We went to Kanaha, rigged 5,0m2 and sailed up to Uppers sinze it where no waves on lowers. Here the conditions where far from good. So after an hour sailing overpowered in crappy chop we decided to pack up and drove up to Sprecks. Once again I rigged my 5,0m2, the wind was gusty like it had been on Uppers but the waves where actually pretty good considering there where hardly any swell at all. I managede to get some bottomturns and cutbacks, but as usually sprecks is first of all a great place for jumping. After all it was a great session witch ended apprx at 4.3o when the wind dropped.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Iao Walley

Iao Walley

After yesterdays party at our house where a lot of Maui's best surfers and windsurfers dropped by we had a slow start this morning. Yesterday we also did some shopping and we started this day up finishing what we didn't accomplished yesterday. After that we took a tripp into the Iao Walley and practiced beeing tourists.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Finally we got some waves

When we passed Ho'okipa on our way to Kanaha we was very stoked when we noticed that the waves was bigger than we had seen the last week. Down at Kanaha it was obvious that we at last would get some waves. At lowers it was more or less flatt, but on Uppers it looked like there where som nice waves breaking. Due to the light wind I rigged my 5,3m2 and took my big wave board and jumped into the water. Pretty soon I realised that the wind was VERY light but never the less I managed get up to the waves on Uppers. Finally there I got some nice rides , not epic. But after many days with absolutly no waves I was stoked to get som bottomturns on the two meters onshore waves Uppers delivered.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

To days exercise

Had a great swim in from uppers at the end of the day after my mastbase said, by by.

Some waves on Uppers

Kanaha 12.10.2007

Finally we got something that looked like waves on Uppers, sailed with my 5,3m2 a couple of hours before lunch and took some pictures out on the water, sorry about the quality of the pictures but its not easy taking pictures like this.

Sprecks almost history!

Sprecks oktober 2007

Took a litle tripp down to Sprecks on our way to Kanaha to day. Sorry to say but Sprecks is soon to be history, the parking has almost disappeard in sand and the beach is no longer what is was a couple of years ago. If nobody in office decides to do something about it, this legendary beach for many scandinavians will be impossible to reach in a couple of years, unless you like to carry your gear form the highway or sail up from Kanaha or Camp One, you will have to rent one of the houses with private beach access.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Another day whitout waves

Another day has passed and I still haven't taken a singel bottomturn. Looking at the possitive side, the wind came back and I sailed most of the day with my 5,0m2 at Kanaha. In the afternoon I switched to5,3m2 and also my biggest waveboard . This was the first time I tested this board. The board is about 95 liters a it goes off realy early. Cruising around at Kanaha at full speed while almost everybody else where strugeling to get back to land was kind of cool, just to bad that there where no waves to play with. Like the small board, this board also is a dream to gybe and feels just great under my feets. Let's just pray for some waves, because I realy would like to test bouth boards in the waves, and maybe even try a bottomturn.
Pictures are of our house and Lalos dog who is watching the house, (the dog couldn't scare anybody)

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

What to to when it's no wind or waves

We where just crusing around, had a late breakfast at Marcos and checked out a shop where we could rent bikes for our planed tripp down from Haleakela. 80 bucks for a full suspension downhill bike included al the protectiongear you possibly could need, not bad. No we only need to arrange for some one to drive up to the top, 3000 meter over the sea. We have already talked to Pio and Keith who is very keen on showing us the rout down. Sounds great doesn't it, biking down from Tryvann witch is 529 meter over the sea, just seems like warming up.We also managed to renew my COSCO card and filled up our car with Powerade and Propel water as well as some coke. Guess we don't have to worry about getting thirsty the next couple of days. Later to day we are going to Paia where a great New York steak is waiting for me at Jaques.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Al West rentalcars

We rented our car from good old Al, for a thousand USD we got a great 3-4 year old Crystler Voyager Town & Country with all kinds of extra equipment, we even got at Video player with a TV in the roof. It also has plenty of room so that we can store all our gear inside.

Mauidiary, day 1

The day started at Ocean4Hawaii where Lalo had a Sunday morning opening, specially for me so that I could pick up my new toys and have an day extra on the water. After picking up my boards we had a tour around some of the other shops on Maui and bought some essentials before we went down to Kanaha.
Kanaha was windy but like the rest of the north shore it was totally flat. Any way we rigged our gear and went out for a session. I got to test my new custom board that Francisco had made for me. Didn’t get to test the board in wave riding due to the missing waves but it felt great under my feet when riding bump and jump on Uppers at Kanaha, Specially in the gybes it felt like a million dollars (USD/NOK 5,40).
The day ended with a nice barbecue together with the Goya’s and some of their friends.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Endelig fremme

Da er vi omsider trygt i havn på Maui. All bagasjen kom også trygt frem. Etter å ha tatt en bedre middag på Paia Fishmarket, dro vi videre til kåken vi har leid av Lalo i Ulumalo. Her kommer vi helt klart til å trives i de neste ukene og når det også ser ut til å bli både bølger og vind de neste dagene er det jo bare å glede seg, til tross for regnet.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

5,0m2 and some waves

Larkollen delivered as the weatherforcast had promissed steady and strong wind on sunday. But like saturday the waves just wouldn't pick up in size except for some desent ramps to jump on fore those of us who cruised out to our local pointbreak at on of the Sletter islands. Here we had a couple of hours with full powered 5,0m2 with some waves as big as 2 meters. Some of my friends sailed a litle bit to close to the pointbreak and ended up taking "the walk of shame" of the reef after spending a couple of minuttes to pick up their gear. Luckly enough there were no serious damage except on their fins and ego.
To morrow we expect even more wind and waves, maby enough to sail 4,4m2 og 4,1m2, and also the forcast says waves up to 3 meters. Maybe I will remeber my camera to morrow

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Flatt, cold & 5,3m2

Todays session at Larkollen was launched at about 3 PM, sailed with my 5,3m2 and have to admit it was kind of booring. After the last two weekends in Varberg & Lista in epic conditions saturday was kind of dull even though the wind was ok for the two hours I was out on the wather. The problem was that there where absolutly no waves and my wetsuit was just a litle bit to cold. To morrow the forcast says 11-14 m/s so I guess I will take my wintersteamer to keep warm and hope that we will get some waves to jump on.
Thank good it's only two weeks until our fligth to Maui leaves.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Blown away in Varberg

Varberg 15092007

Where to go this weekend, Lista or Varberg? Bouth promissed great conditions, Lista with sideshore 4-5m waves and 20-25 m/s wind, and Varberg with "sideon" 2-3 m waves and around 20m/s. Desided on Lista but got stuck i traffic out of Oslo and changed my mind and went to Varberg witch is almost 2 hours les driving. Woke up early saturday morning in Varberg after having sleept pleasantly in my care who was shaking in the wind witch during the night was measured to 23m/s. After breakfast it was time to start rigging the smallest sail I had witch is a Goya Wave 4,1m2, to bad I didn't by a 3,7m2 or smaller. The first two hours I sailed very overpowered and had some great jumps, it was also as good waveriding as it can get in Apelviken. After lunch the wind dropped a litle bit, and I had almost 3 hours where I was just a litle bit overpowered, some of the waves where about 3-4 meters and where made for jumping and I also managed to get som nice rides with som bottomturns and cutbacks. Of course the waveriding at Lista must have been better but never the less. I and all my friends who desided on Varberg this weekend had a great sunny and windy saturday in the waves. Sunday was just wet wet wet.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Pissrenna at Lista

Lista 08092007

A great day at Pissrenna for all off us who took the long drive to Lista this weekend. Some had been driving from Oslo (about 6.5 hour) and one lucky guy (PCB) just had 5 min. to drive. The conditions where pefect side off with a 4,4m2 and I used my medium sized waveboard from Goya (88 liters).

Monday, August 27, 2007

Søndag på Ringenäs

Ringenäs i Halmstad 26082007

Søndag morgen i Varberg var det flatt som et stuegulv i Apelviken, likevel var det noen iherdige sjeler som gikk ut med 4,7m2 og freestylebrett. Selv ble jeg med Putte og Krille til Ringenäs i Halmstad og fikk full uttelling. 4,4m2 med herlige 3 meters bølger og ikke minst sideshore. Seilte så lenge kreftene holdt og pakket sammen litt før kl.19.00 da var det bare å sette kursen nordover på E6. Forøvrig så sier vel bildene resten.

Lørdagskvelden i Varberg

Vi var mange som fulgte meterologens tips og tok en tur til Varberg i håp om bølger og vind. På morgenen var det heller slapt og noen ivrige sjeler to seg en tur på vannet før lunch men en slapp 5,3m2 gjorde at i alle fall jeg fort fant ut at jeg ikke gadd å bruke mer energi på vannet før det ble bedre forhold. Etter lunch ble det etter hvert bra 5,0m2 føre og bølgene vokste etterhvert så det ble en vellykket ettermiddag. Odd-Steinar hadde også en hyggelig ettermiddag da hans høneblund på 5 minutter etter lunch ble til 3 timer....... Godt for han at både bølgene og vinde holdt seg ut i skumringen.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Damagecontroll etter 2 dager med 5,0m2

Etter to dager med hyggelig 5,0m2 seiling på Larkollen var det lørdag på tide med litt damagecontroll av utstyret etter noen dager med bl.a nærkontakt med revet på Sletter. Før de siste to dagers seiling viste det seg at jeg bare hadde ett brett igjen å leke med, nemlig 78 litern.

Konklusjonen etter kontrollen var at 78 litern var uskadd mens 88 litern trengte en runde med epoxy før den igjen er klar for nye utfordringer.

Seilbrett skulle vel egentlig være konkave under , men her ser det ut til at noen har fått det for seg at brettet skal være konvekst under. Etter at vi tidligere hadde konkluderete med at 96 litern var umulig å fikse etter delamineringen (RIP) var det bare å ringe Pascal og Francisco på "the Cannery" på Maui for å bestille noen nye leketøy. Etter noen E-mails og telefoner til Maui i de sene nattetimene ble det til at jeg bestilte 2 nye brett etter Franciscos tegninger på henholdsvis 95 og 85 liter. Kan ikke nekte for at jeg er litt ekstra spent før årets Mauitur.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Maui tur i boks

Til tross for dårlig med vind utenfor vinduet i Oslo, er humøret på topp.

Tormod og undertegnede har akkurat booket billetter til det forgjette land ......MAUI.
Avreiser blir 6 oktober og etter forhåpentligvis 19 dager med tradewinds og masse fete bølger setter vi kursen hjemover den 26 oktober. Og hvem vet kanskje vi kommer hjem til skiføre......
Så får vi bare håpe at vinden kommer tilbake også er på østlandet før vi reiser.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Nærkontakt med Sletter

Lørdag ble det noe overraskende brukbare forhold på Larkollen. Jørgen og jeg annkom rundt kl. 13.00 og fant noe overraskende ut at det fortsatt var godt med plass på parkeringen. Meldingene for dagen var jo litt varierende med dog...., Vi som var der fikk i alle fall gleden av en fin økt med 5,3m2 seiling på Sletter, noe av oss fikk også oppleve revet på Sletter litt nærmere en de fleste setter pris på....... På slutten av dagen var vi hele tre seilere inne og vasset på revet samtidig, etter en grundig vasking i bølgene. Godt da at man seiler med sko. Selv var jeg så langt inne på revet at jeg like gjerne kunne godt rett på land på øya som å gå ut på dypere vann igjen. Etter denne turen fant jeg ut at det var på tide med litt drikke og en pause. Etter å ha slappet av litt inne på Teibern rigget jeg om til 5,0m2 og seilt en snau time ute ved Hvalen. Alt i alt en grei dag på Larkollen, bare synd at vinden ikke kun vridd litt mer på S/V, da hadde vi nok fått mye bedre bølger også inne ved Hvalen.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

5,0m2 - men dårlig med bølger på Larkollen

Lørdagen begynte med regn på vei ut til Larkollen, men vel fremme var det bare sol, vind og blide fjes å se på stranden. Rigget 5,0m2 og dro ut til Hvalen hvor det var merkelig lite bølger. Inni mellom kom det noen hyggelige sett, det dårlige været lenger inn i landet gjorde imidlertid sitt til at vinden ble litt varierende og noen ganger forsvant helt. Synd for det gjorde jo sitt til at det ikke var noe bra bølger( Fredagen var klart bedre) Legger ved noen bilder fra dagen som er tatt ute ved Hvalen.

Superhelgen starte bra

Meterologen lovet bra med vind hele helgen, jeg startet helgen med en behagelig kveldssession på Larkollen med 4,4m2. Etter en time med 88 liter under beina fant jeg ut at det var på tide å prøve noe mindre og byttet til 78 liter som holdt resten av kvelden. Runar, Mathias, Jørgen og jeg fant etter hvert ut at det var på tide å sjekke forholdene på Sletter. Noen av oss kom seg enkelt opp og fikk gleden av å leke oss med noen av de bedre og større bølgene vi har hatt der ute på lenge. Etter hvert begynte det å bli dårlig med vind og jeg snudde nesen hjemmover. På vei forbi store Sletter ser jeg en fyr som kommer gående sydover på øya med alt windsurfingsutstyret på hode. Jeg begynte jo å lure på hva dette var for en raring som bærer utstyret sitt utover på Sletter når vinden var i ferd med å løye. Etter hvert kom jeg så nærme øya at jeg kjente igjen Jørgen. Mens jeg prøvde å komme meg i land før det løyet helt sjøsatte Jørgen utsyret og gjorde et helhjertet forsøk på å komme seg ut til pointet hvor bølgene brøt. All honnør til Jørgen som viste en fantastisk vilje til å komme seg ut til bølgene, synd da bare at forsøket knapt kan kalles vellykket da det nesten hadde løyet helt når han omsider kom seg ut. Brukte vel nesten en time på å komme seg inn igjen til Larkollen. Men som sagt, et imponerede forsøk det virkelig står respekt av.
Hadde opprinnelig tenkt å fortsette sydover og tilbringe lørdag og søndag i Varberg sammen med bl.a. Tormod, men etter å ha sjekket prognosene etter fredagens seiling var det jo klart at det fristet mer med 4,4m2 på Larkollen enn 5,3m2 i Varberg. Så da får Varberg vente til en annen helg, fristet jo heller ikke nevneverdig å stange i køen på E6 den siste søndagen i fellesferien.

Thursday, July 19, 2007


Like før kulingen slo til for 3 uker siden, delaminerte jeg det største brettet mitt, en custom Goya på ca 95 liter. Skullle bare en ut i bølgene i Varberg og merket allerede på den første turen utover at noe var galt. Sjekket først finna med den satt som den skulle og etter å ha ridd bølgene innover med "fulldempa" brett bar det rett i land hvor jeg etterhvert kunne konstantere att brettet hadde delaminert. Ca 75% av skroget under brettet hadde løsnet fra skroget slik at brettet istedet for å være dobbelt konkavt nå var konvekst. Det viste seg at det mellom "skroget" og "skallet" var drøye 3 cm på det meste, så får vi bare se om vi klarer å få inn litt epoxylim og vakumpakket brettet nok til at skallet igjen fester seg til skroget. Så får vi se om brettet blir like bra som det var.....

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Ligger rett ut i sofaen og skjelver av feber og hoste anfall. Ute blåser det liten til stiv kuling og jeg har lukket vinduene samt trukket for gardinene for å prøve å ikke bli minnet på hva jeg går glipp av. Regner med at resten av gjengen koser seg gløgg i hjel på Larkollen på en av årets beste dager.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Sommer, sol og plenty med vind på Larkollen

Endelig en klassisk juli dag på Larkollen. Meterologen lovet vind fra s/v men var tydeligvis usikker på styrken, 11-14 m/s ble redusert til 8-11 m/s hos dansken. Men gledelig nok ble det den første meldingen som var riktig. Noen av gutta hadde sjanset på en tur til Haby og gikk dermed glipp av en klassik dag med 4,4m2 føre på Larkollen. Odd-Steinar, Kjetil og undertegnede var til tider alene på "Hvalen". Ingen av oss klagde men det var ikke fritt for at vi lurte litt på hvor resten av de "crewet" hadde gjort av seg. Gledlig nok var det for tydeligvis for mye vind for kiterne, de fant seg vel en grein de kunne henge i og holdt seg stort sett på land.

Odd-Steinar hadde imidlertid andre planer, tror han prøvde seg på minst 20 backloops. Han får "A for effort", men det manglet jo litt på finishen. Keep up the good work Odd-Steinar, tirsdag er det meldt mer vind, da sitter den sikkert. Selv hadde jeg sikkert mange muligheter til å gå for backloopen, det var i alle fall ikke høyden i hoppene det skortet på tirsdag er det muligens nye muligheter og da.....

Beklager at det ikke ble noen bilder men, fotografen ble litt ivrig på vannet, noen som førte til at kameraet ble liggende i bilen. Dere får heller bruke fantasien.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Ringenäs herre

Etter et par timer på vannet i Båstad pakket vi sammen og gav vår lokal guide beskjed om å vise vei til Ringenäs i Halmstad. Etter store omkjøringer grunnet flom på E6 og en forvirret "locals" fant vi omsider frem til Ringenäs og kunne fort konstantere at det fortsatt blåste mer en nok, bølger var det også nok av, de største rundt 3 meter. Og ikke minst det var forstatt bedre vinkel vind/bølger en vi noen gang har hatt i Apelvike. Det var ikke klokkeren sideshore men det lignet mistenkelig. Vi rigget umiddelbart kastet oss på brettene for å leke med større og kraftigere bølger en de vi hadde hatt i Båstad bare 1 time tidligere. Jeg fant fort ut at her var det best og bruke det minste jeg hadde og hadde mye morro med 75liter og 4,4m2. Putte (Ringenâs Herre) har jo alltid skrytt voldsomt av stedet og han var virkelig gearet. Det gikk i forlengs, baklengs m.m. ikke alle like vellykkede men det står respekt av baklengsforsøk på 3 meters ramper. Synd bare at nesen på brettet hans brakk i et av forsøkene. Selv hadde jeg ikke like avanserte hopp som Putte men var rimelig fornøyd når jeg tok av på en perfekt rampe og fikk mitt høyeste hopp på mange mange år, kult også at Jørgen kunne observere det hele mens han kom ridene innover på den neste bølgen, Får bare håper at jeg ikke skremte vettet av mannen. Etter hvert måtte vi desverre pakke sammen å setter kursen hjemmover mot Oslo, til tross for at vi ikke var hjemme før kl.01.30 på natten var vi helt klare på at det var det værdt.

En ting er i alle fall sikkert, Ringenäs skal få flere besøk av team vakum

Båstad er mer en bare tennis

Båstad 8 juli 2007

Søndag morgen fulgte Jørgen, Bjørn og undertegnede etter "Putte" og "Krille" sydover på E6 fra Varberg hvor Paul allerede hadde rigget 4,7m2. Målet var et pointbreak i nærheten av Båstad som etter sigende skulle lever klokkeren sideshore på vestlige vindretninger. Etter en drøy time bak rattet var vi fremme og gledelig nok så skulle det vise seg at vår "locals" hadde rett. Nydelige med bølger rullet inn mot pointbreaket. Prøvde meg først med 5,0m2 men fant fort ut at 4,4m2 nok var mer passende. Etter litt mer rigging kom jeg meg opp til pointet og kunne kose meg med fine skulderhøye bølger som rullet inn rundt pointet og inn i bukta. Det må jo sies at det ikke kom bølger å ri hver gang vi kom inn over pointet, men alt i alt hadde vi 2 timer med hyggelige cleane sideshore bølger sammen med bare 7-8 seilere på vannet.

Kvelds session i Apelviken

På kvelden lørdag 7 juli lovet meterologen "friske" vinder på den svenske vestkysten. Det var mange vindsugne nordmenn som hadde tatt veien til Varberg denne helgen. De fleste var så sugne på surf at da en frisk bris slo inn i Apelviken på formiddagen, ble det rigget i høyt tempo før folket kom seg på vannet og fikk seilt i nærmere 2 timer før vinde forsvant. Først rundt kl.19.00 kom de friske vindene og etter hvert også bølgene, synd for de som hadde brent mye krutt tidligere på dagen. Jørgen, Bjørn og undertegnede hadde stor suksess med å vente på bedre tider og belønningen var en lørdagskveld fylt med mye bølger og etter hvert mindre og mindre seilere på vannet. Når vi tok de siste bølgene rundt kl. 22.30 var det bare oss som var igjen på vannet. Etter en kjapp dusj gikk turen til John's Place hvor vi fikk servert hummer og cremè brulè, selv om kjøkkenet egentlig var stengt for et kvarter siden, Stor takk til betjeningen for en perfekt avslutning på en herlig kveld i Apelviken.

Alle bildene er tatt på formiddagen når folk flest brukte 5,3m2 eller større. På kvelden seilte Bjørn og jeg med 5,0m2 mens Jørgen cruiset rundt med 4,7m2 og en 75 liter Goya Custom