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Sunday, September 23, 2007

5,0m2 and some waves

Larkollen delivered as the weatherforcast had promissed steady and strong wind on sunday. But like saturday the waves just wouldn't pick up in size except for some desent ramps to jump on fore those of us who cruised out to our local pointbreak at on of the Sletter islands. Here we had a couple of hours with full powered 5,0m2 with some waves as big as 2 meters. Some of my friends sailed a litle bit to close to the pointbreak and ended up taking "the walk of shame" of the reef after spending a couple of minuttes to pick up their gear. Luckly enough there were no serious damage except on their fins and ego.
To morrow we expect even more wind and waves, maby enough to sail 4,4m2 og 4,1m2, and also the forcast says waves up to 3 meters. Maybe I will remeber my camera to morrow

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Flatt, cold & 5,3m2

Todays session at Larkollen was launched at about 3 PM, sailed with my 5,3m2 and have to admit it was kind of booring. After the last two weekends in Varberg & Lista in epic conditions saturday was kind of dull even though the wind was ok for the two hours I was out on the wather. The problem was that there where absolutly no waves and my wetsuit was just a litle bit to cold. To morrow the forcast says 11-14 m/s so I guess I will take my wintersteamer to keep warm and hope that we will get some waves to jump on.
Thank good it's only two weeks until our fligth to Maui leaves.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Blown away in Varberg

Varberg 15092007

Where to go this weekend, Lista or Varberg? Bouth promissed great conditions, Lista with sideshore 4-5m waves and 20-25 m/s wind, and Varberg with "sideon" 2-3 m waves and around 20m/s. Desided on Lista but got stuck i traffic out of Oslo and changed my mind and went to Varberg witch is almost 2 hours les driving. Woke up early saturday morning in Varberg after having sleept pleasantly in my care who was shaking in the wind witch during the night was measured to 23m/s. After breakfast it was time to start rigging the smallest sail I had witch is a Goya Wave 4,1m2, to bad I didn't by a 3,7m2 or smaller. The first two hours I sailed very overpowered and had some great jumps, it was also as good waveriding as it can get in Apelviken. After lunch the wind dropped a litle bit, and I had almost 3 hours where I was just a litle bit overpowered, some of the waves where about 3-4 meters and where made for jumping and I also managed to get som nice rides with som bottomturns and cutbacks. Of course the waveriding at Lista must have been better but never the less. I and all my friends who desided on Varberg this weekend had a great sunny and windy saturday in the waves. Sunday was just wet wet wet.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Pissrenna at Lista

Lista 08092007

A great day at Pissrenna for all off us who took the long drive to Lista this weekend. Some had been driving from Oslo (about 6.5 hour) and one lucky guy (PCB) just had 5 min. to drive. The conditions where pefect side off with a 4,4m2 and I used my medium sized waveboard from Goya (88 liters).