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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Las Palmas

Las Palmas, Gran Canaria
Took a short break from the strong winds at Pozo & Vargas and went up to Las Palmas. Here the temperature was just around 25 degrees celsius, almost 8 degrees colder than further down the coast. I walked around in the old part of the city where the buliding are built around the year 1500. I visited Catedral de Santa Ana witch they started to build in 1478 when the spanish had conquested Gran Canaria. I also was at Christopher Colombus' house, witch is just across the street from the Catedral. It's a great part of the Island and a nice quite break from the rest of the Island and nothing the usuall tourists who visits Gran Canaria would expect to find on their trip to the sun and sand on the south side off the Island.

Gran Canaria 2010

Gran Canaria 2010
Just got home from a intense 5 days tripp Gran Canaria, sailed everyday with Goya Eclipse 4,4m2 or 4,1m2 and my 78 liter Goya Customwave singelfin & a lot of IBUX to stopp the fever and cold I got just before I left Norway. No matter what, I had a great stay and sailed 50/50 Pozo/Vargas. The best conditions I had at Vargas with great waves and a lot off sideshore conditions. I also had some great waves in Pozo but not as good as Vargas. Specialy at low tide and rising, I think the conditions are great in Vargas and if the swell is above 2 meter you realy get som nice waveriding.