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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Mylla - Sognsvann

Mylla - Oslo på ski

Jørgen, Bjarte, Tor and my self took the train for Oslo to Grua saturday morning. From Grua we took a taxi up to the start for our journey south trough Nordmarka. The conditions was epic, the weather was even better with no clouds and no wind, the temperatur was between minus 5-10 celcius. So we had a fantastic journey with the sun shining in our faces all day long. And it was a long day, the tripp was about 48 km and after about five and a half hour we was back home at Sognsvann just as the sun had fallen behind the horisont and it was starting to get dark. Days like this is almost to good to be true, and for me it can absolutly be compared to a good day og windsurfing at Kanaha. And the best part of it is that we still got almost two months left before the snow melts down and the windsurfseason starts again in Oslo.
And to morrow the weather is supposed to be just the same, for those who like to go skiing. Skiing on a sunday in Nordmarka is even more crowded than a sunday with perfect conditions at Kanaha or Jericoacoara