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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Going to Jeri

Then it's confirmed, november 6th we are leaving Oslo, destination is Jericoacoara in Brazil. Here (Tor, Boyd and my self) will spend 16 days in what many consider to be one off the best windsurfingplaces in the world. Well we are about to find out. Between us we have visited, Maui, Gran Canaria, Cabo Verde, Western-Australia, South-Africa and many other places so I think we got something to compare with.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Thunder & lightening on Larkollen

We got two more days of sailing on Larkollen this week. Monday afternoon I sail with my 5,3m2 for a couple of hours in a lot of chop. But the weather was nice.

On wedensday we had a lot of rain with thunder & lightening striking close by just as I arrived. The thunder disapeard after a couple of big bangs and the sun started shining again, for a while............ The wind and waves where a lot better and I sailed with my 5,0m2 until it started raining again for a short while. After a couple of minutes on the beach, the sun and wind came back and so the evening went on. Wind, sun and rain, over and over again until I packed up my gear about 8.30. Offcourse in pouring rain.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Great day in Varberg

Jørgen, Thomas and my self went for a weekend tripp to Varberg in Sweden, just about 430 km south of Oslo. The forcast promissed 10 m/s from west and sunny weather on saturday.
And we hit the jackpot with almost 5 hours of delicius 5,3m2 sailing in the waves in one of our favourite beaches in Scandinavia. In the afternoon we had a classic meal at our favourite restaurant in Varberg, John's Place, located in the Apelbay.
Sunday delivered only a lot of rain with some wind, the promissed 11-14 m/s never arrived while we where there. We left around 2 o'clock and I'm pretty sure the wind arrived 15 minuttes later, as usually
PS, The actionpicture shows Thomas with his fin out of the water!