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Monday, November 24, 2008

Leaving Jeri

After more than two weeks in paradise, it's time to pack our gear and leave for home. Transport to Fortaleza can be arranged in many different ways. If you don't take a chopper you will have to drive over dunes of sand, roads who dissapear when it't high tide and regular dirtroads. We had booked a Rang Rover, thank God for that. The local buss was more suited as a tourist attraction than transport to Fortaleza witch is over 5 hours south of Jeri.After 5 hours drive, the flight home went smooth but it was a realy shock to land in Oslo in ice cold zero degrees, it was about 30-35 degrees when we left Jeri.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Show at Mama Africa

We had a great night at a local night club called "Mama Africa" where some local group were performing a great show, starting at 1 o'clock in the night. Mama Africa is a nightclub in Jeri. Located in the midle of nowhere in a city in the midle of nowhere. The locals says just go from the mainstreet against the sand dunes, just about when you think you are lost, then you will start hearing music, and there it is. In the midle of nowhere.
And at last I have been able to download some pictures to my Webalbum

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Beach buggy to the lagoons around Jeri

Thuesday we booked a taxibuggy for a tour to some of the lagoons in the sand dunes surrounding Jeri. It is realy inexpencive to rent a beach buggy, for about 4-5 hours it cost us 140 Reals plus tips. (about 420 NOK). I Took a lot of pictures and you will soon find them in my webalbum. I'm having network problems here in Jeri but I hope the pictures will be out there soon. The sailing is still the same, steady 4,4m2 but the waves are not as big as they ususally are here according to those who knows. So far we have been sailing every day expect

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Steady 4,4m2 but smal waves

Have now been sailing everyday since we arrived, the wind has been steady 4,4m2 for the last couple of days, but the waves are not the size I'm used to from Maui. But the good part is that there are some breakes next to the huge sand dune where the waves are about 0,5-1 meter, not bigg but they are soooo looooong. Must have taken at least 20 bottomturns and cutbacks everytime I took a ride on one of them.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Bob Marley lives in Jeri

After a slow start on the day it ended with 4,4m2 and 1,5 hour on the water. Then a siesta and a late dinner at our favorite restaurant in Jeri, Leonardo Da Vinci. After some drinks in the bars in the main street we ended up at a party where Marley and his friends had risen from the grave.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Slow day in Jeri

Are having a slow day in Jeri today, was at great party last night. First at a beachbar and later on at "Mama Africa", it's hard to describe but it was on H#&%2 off a reaggea and salsa party witch just never seemed to stop. I left at 3.30 but it looked like it would keep on until sunset or longer.

To day it is again 5,0m2 but the tide is so low that I would have had to carry my gear for several hundred meters down the beach to reach the water. So I decided to chill at the pool update my blogg and go for an afternoon surf when the tide has turned and brought some waves. Tor is already out sailing, he was pretty stoked when he got a new boom yesterday. Guess its about time to get som lunch and then go sailing...And to night the party goes on.
For more pictures just check out my webalbum

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Sideshore 5,3m2 to 5,0m2

Have been in Jeri for five days now and have been sailing everyday. The conditions are more or less as expected but the wind is a litle bit lighter than expected. So far it has been great, maybe a litle bit to hot, even sailing in a rashguard is to hot. The water has absolutly no cooling effect and when the air temp is in the high 30's. It gets kind of hot pumping the sail to catch the waves. Out on the water it is crowded, but there is one surfer we are missing. Tor broke his mast on the first day and so far has not been able to replace it. Spare parts are hard to find here but he has finaly located a Gaastra mast in Brasilia and will probably order it tomorrow, lets hope it gets here before we leave in 10 days.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Jericoacoara, you have to experience it to belive it.

At last we are her, in the promised land. The road to Jeri was rater long and winding and I am pretty sure we would have been lost if we had taken our own car. When had booked a Range Rover with a drive to take us the 5 hours from Fortaleza to Jeri, and tank good for that. Don´t think we would have made it out of Fortaleza on our own. Finaly in Jeri it look almost to good to be true nut it is actually even better. The atmosphere is one of a kind and the weather is even better. 28-29 degrees in the water and 30-35 in the air. So fare we have only used our biggest sails 5,3m2 but I have sailed every day in perfect sideshore conditions with waves from 2-4 feet, nothing extrem but the wind is suposed to pic up pretty soon and then the wave will be bigger.
Friday and saturday was "partytime" in Jeri, with concerts etc. on saturday it was about 8-10.000 people out on the beach here in the midle of nowhere. Dancing to live reggea and salsa music, the party went on until 6 o'clock in the morning, and the good part is that there was no fuss and no police, everybody just had a very good time. Specialy Boyd and Tor who enjoyed theire caprinia's at the price of 10,-NOK.