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Monday, June 15, 2009

Waiting for wind in Varberg

This weekend I took a roadtrip to Varberg. I knew that Lista would be a bether bet but I had to pick up two masts with a friend in Stenungsund. That meant that Lista was out of the question.

In Varberg we woke up to no wind and some rain on saturday, the rain disapeared, but the wind didn't show up. Some of my friends went out kiting, while I rigged my 5,3m2 and waited......and waited,

After I while I grabbed my gear and went out just to get in the water.

Sunday started almost without wind and the kiters had a blast, while I was waiting and waiting and........and at last the wind came. In the end I got a great session in Lejet with my new Goya wave 5,3m2 and my 95 l waveboard. After apprx. 3 ,5 hour of sailing I packed up and went home to Oslo as a happy man,

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Another nukin day at Larkollen & the CL-Final

Last wedensday we had another great day at Larkollen. It was blowing cats & dogs and we also got some desent waves, if you can enjoy onshore conditions. I also got to test my new Goya W3D 4,4m2 and even without a perfect mast they fealt great, looking forward to test the other sails as well.
After almost 4 hours on the water we headed back to Oslo and was looking forward to watching the Champions League final between ManUtd and Barca. I had taped the match so we was able to watch it "live", it started great but ended with a nightmare about 2 o'clock in the night. Thank god we didn't drop the sailing to watch the match live.