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Friday, November 5, 2010

Maui 2010 week IV

Jaws Going Off

OHHH MY GOOD, this week we got some serious waves. Forget about the missing wind. All the beaches on the northshore off Maui was closed for bouth surfing and windsurfing, except for one!!!! Peahi, aka JAWS. Tormod and I was up before the sun and enjoyed the sunrise at Jaws where there only was a couple off cars who had beaten us and got there before us. We had heard the waves thundering against the reefs and beaches all a'round the northshore during the night and it was hard to get a good nights sleep. The sight that apeared it self for us when the sun was rising at Jaws was avesome. The waves came thundering inn against the reef and rose to a wall off water. Pretty soon the first team off the tow inn surfers was seen bellow us an at about half past 6 in the morning the first surfer was riding on one off the gigant waves on jaws. When we left Jaws around 12 o'clock it was totaly caos in the canefields, there where cars everywhere and even if the last surfers had left the sceene there where still a line of spectators trying to get down to the cliff's for a look. Most people prefere to drive down the slippery dirtroads trough the canefields to get down to the cliffs where you can get a close look at the waves, it takes about 30-40 minuttes to walk from the highway and down so I guess you can't blame them. But next time get up in the morning so you don't miss the show.

Maui Week IV

During the first days after Jaws the north shores beaches was more or less off limits to windsurfers due to Highsurf advisory combined with light and very gusty wind. The rain is also pooring down som most off the time I have been surfing at Launiupoko beachpark just south off Lahania. To morrow its friday and it looks like we are going to have a great weekend with nice tradewinds, hughe waves and no rain. Could bee a realy nice weekend with a lot of windsurfing action on Kanaha and maybe Kuau and Ho'okipa

Maui 2010 week III

Maui 2010 Week III

The third week on Maui was light on wind and light on waves I did some surfing on the other side of the island. The weeks big issue was offcourse Halloween witch took place on sunday 31st off october. Paia was a great place to be and the halloween custumes where incredible. It's just a shame the the weather was so bad that in was no pleasure to walk in the street taking pictures. But the king of the mascerade has to be the green freak for Oslo. (see pict) he was avesome and the locals was nuts about his costume.
Halloween i Paia

Maui 2010 week II

Maui 2010 Week II

After the first week with strong winds and medium to smal waves we entered the second week with some days with light wind and big waves Ho'okipa was going off and the pros was having a blast. I sail a couple off days at Kuau and Kanaha while Tormod was grounded with a wound on his legg witch he received while sailing at Ho'okipa. When we had some time off we spent it on Ho'okipa taking pictures off the pros doing what they do best, ripping the waves. It was a realy cool thing to watch, and offcourse even the best ends up at the rocks. On one off the best days there Johs Angulo and Jason Polakow was standing out. Two days earlier when the waves where even bigger and the wind lighter we had the pleasure off watching the likes off Levi Siver, Fransisco Goya and Keith Taboule ripping . How they managed to get out trough the waves with hardly any wind is something I never can understand.

Partytime @ Ho'okipa

Big Day @ Ho'okipa

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Maui 2010

Sunset In La Perouse

Hello to all you bloggreaders, I'm currently on Maui and enjoying wind and waves , I'm affraid that updating this blogg will not be my highest priority during my five weeks here. I'm instead keeping my profile on updated with pictures etc. just look up Sigurd Klippenberg and add me as a friend. My webalbum in Picasa will be updated as usually



Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Maui 2010 week.I

First week on Maui this year was a great week for windsurfing. We had a great time sailing at Kanaha Beachpark at the start, but after a couple off days we moved up the coast and sailed at Kuau and Ho'okipa. The weather was great and the tradewinds also helped to make this a great week. The waves could have been bigger, but since we sailed a lot at Ho'okipa we where happy that they stopped at headhigh++, since we had no desire to end up on the rocks.

Back on Maui again

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Varberg september 2010

Varberg in september 2010

At last something to write about, after a realy slow summer without much wind september looks like the month to save the season for us wind starving windsurfers. After a couple off good days at our local break Larkollen the forcast for this weekend looked realy god for the west coast of bouth Norway and Sweden. I endend up in Varberg, Sweden and had a great day on saturday. Sailing al day in Lejet where the was as good as it gets in Varberg. In the morning i used my 3,7m2, in the middel off the day the wind dropped and I used my 5,0m2. But the wind picked up again in the afternoon and I ended up sailing with my 4,4m2 before I packed up and went up to Apelviken where I took some pictures off some friends who was windsurfing into the sunset. On Sunday I got two hours with my 5,0m2 in Lejet before I went home to Oslo, a very satisfied and tired man.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Las Palmas

Las Palmas, Gran Canaria
Took a short break from the strong winds at Pozo & Vargas and went up to Las Palmas. Here the temperature was just around 25 degrees celsius, almost 8 degrees colder than further down the coast. I walked around in the old part of the city where the buliding are built around the year 1500. I visited Catedral de Santa Ana witch they started to build in 1478 when the spanish had conquested Gran Canaria. I also was at Christopher Colombus' house, witch is just across the street from the Catedral. It's a great part of the Island and a nice quite break from the rest of the Island and nothing the usuall tourists who visits Gran Canaria would expect to find on their trip to the sun and sand on the south side off the Island.

Gran Canaria 2010

Gran Canaria 2010
Just got home from a intense 5 days tripp Gran Canaria, sailed everyday with Goya Eclipse 4,4m2 or 4,1m2 and my 78 liter Goya Customwave singelfin & a lot of IBUX to stopp the fever and cold I got just before I left Norway. No matter what, I had a great stay and sailed 50/50 Pozo/Vargas. The best conditions I had at Vargas with great waves and a lot off sideshore conditions. I also had some great waves in Pozo but not as good as Vargas. Specialy at low tide and rising, I think the conditions are great in Vargas and if the swell is above 2 meter you realy get som nice waveriding.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sele ver.II

Once again I headed vest to the promised land. 450 km each way is a long way and takes about 7 hours, but it's worth taking the trip once in a while. Friday turned out to be a classic day at Sele, I used my 4,4m2 and in the afternoon I changed to my 5,0m, the biggest waves where about 2,5 meter and it was perfect sideshore. Saturday was supposed to be even windier but I ended up using my 5,3m2 and my 95 liters Goya Custom wave the entier day on great 2,5 meters waves. After all it was a great weekend, but I don't think I will be back next weekend......
Sele 18-19 juni 2010

Monday, June 14, 2010

Lista 13 juni 2010

After the great day we had on Sele saturday we drove 3 hours south to Lista to catch some waves and wind on sunday. The wind was great and I went out on my 4,4m2 Eclipse and my 84 liter Custom. I had a great time but since the waves where almost absent it didn't take of like yesterday.Here is some pictures of the morningbirds.
Lista 13. juni 2010

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Classic Sele in early june

This weeked Tormod and I packed our car's and went for a 7 hours trip to Jæren for our first windsurfing trip this year, the conditions was like like we expected and I sailed the whole day with my new Goya Eclipse 4,1m2 and my new Goya custom singlefin 78 liter. I had a great session and loved my new gear. A huge thanks to Tormod who spent the whole day on the beach taking pictures
Sele 12 juni 2010

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ready for a new season

The snow is gone and my skies and snowboard are packed away for the next months. It's about time to bring out the realy great toys, I have a line of brand new Goya sails and one new board wich I'm dying to test at my local spot. I already had the pleasure of testing all the new Goya models when I was on Maui last october. I ended up ordering a new Goya Customwave singelfin 78 liter and a line of Goya Eclipse wavesails,(3,7-4,1-4,4-5,0-5,3m2). They all worked as a dream on all the different beaches on Maui, in all kinds of conditions, so my guess is that they will work great here in Norway as well. Then we just have to vait for some lowpreasure systems that delivers wind from the south and I off to the beach, maybee next weekend?

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Mylla - Sognsvann

Mylla - Oslo på ski

Jørgen, Bjarte, Tor and my self took the train for Oslo to Grua saturday morning. From Grua we took a taxi up to the start for our journey south trough Nordmarka. The conditions was epic, the weather was even better with no clouds and no wind, the temperatur was between minus 5-10 celcius. So we had a fantastic journey with the sun shining in our faces all day long. And it was a long day, the tripp was about 48 km and after about five and a half hour we was back home at Sognsvann just as the sun had fallen behind the horisont and it was starting to get dark. Days like this is almost to good to be true, and for me it can absolutly be compared to a good day og windsurfing at Kanaha. And the best part of it is that we still got almost two months left before the snow melts down and the windsurfseason starts again in Oslo.
And to morrow the weather is supposed to be just the same, for those who like to go skiing. Skiing on a sunday in Nordmarka is even more crowded than a sunday with perfect conditions at Kanaha or Jericoacoara