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Friday, November 5, 2010

Maui 2010 week II

Maui 2010 Week II

After the first week with strong winds and medium to smal waves we entered the second week with some days with light wind and big waves Ho'okipa was going off and the pros was having a blast. I sail a couple off days at Kuau and Kanaha while Tormod was grounded with a wound on his legg witch he received while sailing at Ho'okipa. When we had some time off we spent it on Ho'okipa taking pictures off the pros doing what they do best, ripping the waves. It was a realy cool thing to watch, and offcourse even the best ends up at the rocks. On one off the best days there Johs Angulo and Jason Polakow was standing out. Two days earlier when the waves where even bigger and the wind lighter we had the pleasure off watching the likes off Levi Siver, Fransisco Goya and Keith Taboule ripping . How they managed to get out trough the waves with hardly any wind is something I never can understand.

Partytime @ Ho'okipa

Big Day @ Ho'okipa

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