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Sunday, January 13, 2008

Great day for crosscountryskiing in Oslo

After yesterdays snowboarding at Norefjell, sunday was spent crosscountryskiing in Nordmarka, the forrest that surrounds Oslo. The tripp was like this Movatn-Tømte-Gørja and returned almost the same way- The conditions was great after last night fresh snow, just look at the pictures.

Powder at Norefjell

Went to Norefjell on saturday and had a great day snowboarding in the powder. Spent most of the day cruising around in the offpiste area at Bøsæter in a lot of powder. And during the day it started to snow more. Looks like it's going to come a lot of snow next week, at least up in the mountains.

King Winter is here!

Last weekend I went to Hemsedal with some friends on saturday night to enjoy a day of powder on my snowboard. We had a great day with lots of fresh powder, maybe over half a meter. Forgot to bring my camera so you just have to imagine. We tested out the offpist area called Gummiskogen or in english rubberforrest, and had a realy great run. At the end I was totaly excausted since it for me was a to many trees and and to much snow. Either way it was a great day.