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Monday, September 28, 2009

One last session at Larkollen before departure

Had a great day at my local spot Larkollen to day. Just 6 days before I'm leaving Oslo for 3,5 week on Maui, the wind kicked in for a great day of 4,4m2 sailing. I had about 3 hours on the water and about half off the time it was great waves (for Larkollen). The water is getting colder and it's almost impossible to go surfing after work since it's getting dark earlier and earlier as we get closer to winter. I'm realy looking forward to join Tormod on Maui. This was possibly my last session at Larkollen this year, because when we get home from Maui it's almost winter (october 28th)
See you all next year and remeber to order your new boards and sail at

Saturday, September 5, 2009

What a week!!!!!!!

Lejet 4 september 2009

The last week has been absolutly incredible for us windsurfers in Oslo, it's been blowing almost everyday and ended to day with an epic trip på Varberg. The forcast said 17-21 m/s and we got exactly that, and more. Since the direction was s-s/v we sailed in "Lejet" . Taking a day of from work sure did pay of as I was sailing with my 3,7m2 all day, most of the time overpowered. Usually when we get conditions like this the wind dropps a bit during the day. But not to day, the wind was steady 20m/s ++ and we did get some heavy action out on the water. One of the locals even tried a double forward but overrotated it big time and almost made triple forward.

After many hours on the water Jørgen & I went home to Oslo as two very happy guys.