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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ready for a new season

The snow is gone and my skies and snowboard are packed away for the next months. It's about time to bring out the realy great toys, I have a line of brand new Goya sails and one new board wich I'm dying to test at my local spot. I already had the pleasure of testing all the new Goya models when I was on Maui last october. I ended up ordering a new Goya Customwave singelfin 78 liter and a line of Goya Eclipse wavesails,(3,7-4,1-4,4-5,0-5,3m2). They all worked as a dream on all the different beaches on Maui, in all kinds of conditions, so my guess is that they will work great here in Norway as well. Then we just have to vait for some lowpreasure systems that delivers wind from the south and I off to the beach, maybee next weekend?