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Monday, November 24, 2008

Leaving Jeri

After more than two weeks in paradise, it's time to pack our gear and leave for home. Transport to Fortaleza can be arranged in many different ways. If you don't take a chopper you will have to drive over dunes of sand, roads who dissapear when it't high tide and regular dirtroads. We had booked a Rang Rover, thank God for that. The local buss was more suited as a tourist attraction than transport to Fortaleza witch is over 5 hours south of Jeri.After 5 hours drive, the flight home went smooth but it was a realy shock to land in Oslo in ice cold zero degrees, it was about 30-35 degrees when we left Jeri.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Show at Mama Africa

We had a great night at a local night club called "Mama Africa" where some local group were performing a great show, starting at 1 o'clock in the night. Mama Africa is a nightclub in Jeri. Located in the midle of nowhere in a city in the midle of nowhere. The locals says just go from the mainstreet against the sand dunes, just about when you think you are lost, then you will start hearing music, and there it is. In the midle of nowhere.
And at last I have been able to download some pictures to my Webalbum

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Beach buggy to the lagoons around Jeri

Thuesday we booked a taxibuggy for a tour to some of the lagoons in the sand dunes surrounding Jeri. It is realy inexpencive to rent a beach buggy, for about 4-5 hours it cost us 140 Reals plus tips. (about 420 NOK). I Took a lot of pictures and you will soon find them in my webalbum. I'm having network problems here in Jeri but I hope the pictures will be out there soon. The sailing is still the same, steady 4,4m2 but the waves are not as big as they ususally are here according to those who knows. So far we have been sailing every day expect

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Steady 4,4m2 but smal waves

Have now been sailing everyday since we arrived, the wind has been steady 4,4m2 for the last couple of days, but the waves are not the size I'm used to from Maui. But the good part is that there are some breakes next to the huge sand dune where the waves are about 0,5-1 meter, not bigg but they are soooo looooong. Must have taken at least 20 bottomturns and cutbacks everytime I took a ride on one of them.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Bob Marley lives in Jeri

After a slow start on the day it ended with 4,4m2 and 1,5 hour on the water. Then a siesta and a late dinner at our favorite restaurant in Jeri, Leonardo Da Vinci. After some drinks in the bars in the main street we ended up at a party where Marley and his friends had risen from the grave.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Slow day in Jeri

Are having a slow day in Jeri today, was at great party last night. First at a beachbar and later on at "Mama Africa", it's hard to describe but it was on H#&%2 off a reaggea and salsa party witch just never seemed to stop. I left at 3.30 but it looked like it would keep on until sunset or longer.

To day it is again 5,0m2 but the tide is so low that I would have had to carry my gear for several hundred meters down the beach to reach the water. So I decided to chill at the pool update my blogg and go for an afternoon surf when the tide has turned and brought some waves. Tor is already out sailing, he was pretty stoked when he got a new boom yesterday. Guess its about time to get som lunch and then go sailing...And to night the party goes on.
For more pictures just check out my webalbum

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Sideshore 5,3m2 to 5,0m2

Have been in Jeri for five days now and have been sailing everyday. The conditions are more or less as expected but the wind is a litle bit lighter than expected. So far it has been great, maybe a litle bit to hot, even sailing in a rashguard is to hot. The water has absolutly no cooling effect and when the air temp is in the high 30's. It gets kind of hot pumping the sail to catch the waves. Out on the water it is crowded, but there is one surfer we are missing. Tor broke his mast on the first day and so far has not been able to replace it. Spare parts are hard to find here but he has finaly located a Gaastra mast in Brasilia and will probably order it tomorrow, lets hope it gets here before we leave in 10 days.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Jericoacoara, you have to experience it to belive it.

At last we are her, in the promised land. The road to Jeri was rater long and winding and I am pretty sure we would have been lost if we had taken our own car. When had booked a Range Rover with a drive to take us the 5 hours from Fortaleza to Jeri, and tank good for that. Don´t think we would have made it out of Fortaleza on our own. Finaly in Jeri it look almost to good to be true nut it is actually even better. The atmosphere is one of a kind and the weather is even better. 28-29 degrees in the water and 30-35 in the air. So fare we have only used our biggest sails 5,3m2 but I have sailed every day in perfect sideshore conditions with waves from 2-4 feet, nothing extrem but the wind is suposed to pic up pretty soon and then the wave will be bigger.
Friday and saturday was "partytime" in Jeri, with concerts etc. on saturday it was about 8-10.000 people out on the beach here in the midle of nowhere. Dancing to live reggea and salsa music, the party went on until 6 o'clock in the morning, and the good part is that there was no fuss and no police, everybody just had a very good time. Specialy Boyd and Tor who enjoyed theire caprinia's at the price of 10,-NOK.


Saturday, October 25, 2008

Larkollen going off

Larkollen 25 oktober 2008

Ohaaaa, what a day! Larkollen was fiering on all sylinders to day, after waring up for one hour with 4,1m2, it realy took off. I rigged my 3,7m2 and went out again. After a while there where only four off us left out there, Bjørn, Pekke, Paul and my self. Everyboyd else was blown out off the water. But those off us who was left had a blast as the waves picked up and we actually ended up getting some nice rideable waves between the whale and our shelter behind Denmark. When I finally was excaused I grabbed my camera and took some pictures off Pekka and Bjørn who was riding sideshore just outside the beach. All the pictures from "the whale" was taken my Boyd,

Monday, October 20, 2008

Everything was to big

What a day! Took a day off from work to enjoy a great day on the water. Jørgen and I went to Larkollen and we had a great day with only on problem, everything was to big. I used my 78 liter board with a 8,75 fin and a 4,1m2 sail. After an hour with a couple of backloop attemts I had to go inn and rigg my new 3,7m2. After about half an hour, even this sail got to big. And pretty soon even the board and fin seamed to big. Despite this we just kept on sailing, but the backloop attemts was dropped after a couple realy nasty attemts. It looks like the rest off the week also will be pretty windy. Looking forward to it.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Two days with 5,0m2

Had a great weekend with two day of 5,0m2 sailing at home. Friday I took of early from work and went to Larkollen. Had a great hour and a half playing in the onshore waves until the wind dropped just as it got dark around 7 o'clock.
On saturday Jørgen and I went to Hvaler and checked out a spot called Ørekroken. Nothing much to write about, so we went to another spot called Brattestø. Her the wind picked ut and pretty soon it was great 5,0m2 conditions. We cruised out to an Island called Akerøya and had a great time sailing in side/on waves with the biggest waves around 2 meters. But it's a long way back to the beach, especially with a broken mastfoot. Going out trough the waves I got wiped out when a wave was breaking right into my face. The mast extention broke clear off andI was swimming in the waves. After about 30 minuttes I managed to rigg up again, but missing about 30 cm downhaul made it a loooooong way back in to the beach

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Blown away in Varberg

Lejet i Varberg III
Varberg almost became norwegian this weekend. When the forcast promissed a lot of wind, many of us cruised down the E6 to Varberg. But hardly anyone could imagin that we would get this much wind. Saturday was great for most of us, we sailed in Lejet and I used my 5,0m2, but would probably have been more happy with my 5,3m2.

Saturday night it was blowing cats and dogs (max.32m/s) and the waves where getting big out in Katetgat. When we came down to the beach around 8.30 it was down to "only" 17-21m/s. I went and took some pictures, but since it was rain buckets I decided to drop this project and change from my soaking wet jeans to a wetsuite and rigged the smalest sail I had (4,1m2) It was way to big, but I had a great time in the 3+ meters waves, until the wind dropped from 17 to 0 m/s in two seconds and I ended up swimming in for the second time in two days.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Varberg again

After many weeks without any realy good conditions, it looked lik this weekend finaly would deliver some serious action. Tormod and my self decided to join Paul in Varberg . That decicion did cost us a great day at our homebreak Larkollen on saturday,.While we where sitting on the beach in Lejet enjoying the great weather (without wind) our friends at Larkollen was cruising around with 4,7m2. But we got a great steak and lobster at John's in the afternoon and when we left the restaurant around midnight it was blowing cats and dogs. We got up realy early on sundag morning (aprx. 7,45 ) only to find out that it already was pretty busy out on the water in Apelviken. I rigged my 5,3m2, took my 95 liter board and had a great session from 8,15 until 10.30, when it was time for a late breakfast. After couple of hours on the beach taking some pictures of Tormod and Paul ,I had another session with the same equipment, and even had to switch to a smaler board when the wind picked up. But al good things has to end, including the wind. After an hour and half the wind got gusty before it dropped and it was time to pack up and go home.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Going to Jeri

Then it's confirmed, november 6th we are leaving Oslo, destination is Jericoacoara in Brazil. Here (Tor, Boyd and my self) will spend 16 days in what many consider to be one off the best windsurfingplaces in the world. Well we are about to find out. Between us we have visited, Maui, Gran Canaria, Cabo Verde, Western-Australia, South-Africa and many other places so I think we got something to compare with.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Thunder & lightening on Larkollen

We got two more days of sailing on Larkollen this week. Monday afternoon I sail with my 5,3m2 for a couple of hours in a lot of chop. But the weather was nice.

On wedensday we had a lot of rain with thunder & lightening striking close by just as I arrived. The thunder disapeard after a couple of big bangs and the sun started shining again, for a while............ The wind and waves where a lot better and I sailed with my 5,0m2 until it started raining again for a short while. After a couple of minutes on the beach, the sun and wind came back and so the evening went on. Wind, sun and rain, over and over again until I packed up my gear about 8.30. Offcourse in pouring rain.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Great day in Varberg

Jørgen, Thomas and my self went for a weekend tripp to Varberg in Sweden, just about 430 km south of Oslo. The forcast promissed 10 m/s from west and sunny weather on saturday.
And we hit the jackpot with almost 5 hours of delicius 5,3m2 sailing in the waves in one of our favourite beaches in Scandinavia. In the afternoon we had a classic meal at our favourite restaurant in Varberg, John's Place, located in the Apelbay.
Sunday delivered only a lot of rain with some wind, the promissed 11-14 m/s never arrived while we where there. We left around 2 o'clock and I'm pretty sure the wind arrived 15 minuttes later, as usually
PS, The actionpicture shows Thomas with his fin out of the water!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Backloops on the forth day in Pozo

Another day whit great conditions i Pozo, sailed 4,4m2 all day and was woorking real hard on nailing my first backloop in years. I have to admitt that it helps a lot to know that someone on the beach is watching you trough a camera lens, ever heard of "Kodakcourage"?. To morrow is my last day here, leaving for the airport at 12.30, but are planing on a last session after breakfast. Maybee I will nail it 100% this time. To day I just missed the landing by a few centimeters.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Take off on the third day in Pozo

To day we had to go down a size in sails due to the strong wind. For me that meant 4,1m2 which is my smalest sail, lucky enough it was smal enough for me even many was using sails as small as 3,2m2. This meant that had pretty good lift in my jumps and that I honestly can say that I know how it feels to jump from 10 meters with a windsurfer. My advise is to land tail first and hold your breat. What ever you do try to avoid flatt landings, they hurt.........and can break your board. I managed to land most of my jumps safely in bouth my sessions to day. The first session was the best and thats when the pictures of me where taken. During the second session the wind had dropped a bitt but it was still enough for my 4,1m2.
For more pictures check out my webalbum,

Second day in Pozo

Another day with great conditions, sail 4,4m2 all day but maybe I should have switched to my 4,1m2 during my first session. In the afternoon it was perfect using 4,4m2 and the waves where better. Many thanks to Pauls betterhalf who was patient enough to take almost 300 pictures of us during our first session. Some of the pictures are already awailable in my webalbum. To morrow looks like another great day with at least 4,4m2 sailing.
Pozo 2008

Saturday, July 26, 2008

First day in Pozo

Arrived Gran Canaria at 2 o'clock local time and went stright to Pozo. Got my Hostel and car organized and got a great Spagiti Carbonara at "la vienta". Relaxed a litle bitt and hit the water around 6 o'clock. After one and a half hour sailing 4,4m2 and my 78 liter I packed up my gear and took some pictures of Vegard who just arrived from Mauritzius. Looks like the wind will pick up again to morrow.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Ready for Pozo

To morrow saturday, I'm going to Gran Canaria to spend 5 days in Pozo. My friend Paul is already down there, enjoying the wind and waves. If the wind delivers as it's supposed to do in July, it will be a great weekend pluss three days before I leave on wedensday after lunch.

I will bring my camera but don't expect any uppdates before I get back home, since I'm considering leaving my computer at home .

Hasta la vista amigos!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

A classic july day at Larkollen

I arrived at the parking at Larkollen around 12 o'clock on sunday, the wind was already steady and I rigged my 5,7m2, grabbed my 95 liter and went for at test run. Only to find out that it was to big, went stright inn to the beach and switched to my 5,3m2 and 84 liter board. Had a great day and sailed for about 5 hours sometimes overpowered. After a short rest and some food, I grabbed my camera and took some pictures when Thomas went out for a ride in the afternoon.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Another great day in Varberg, Sweden

After a couple of days with surfing back at our local beach Larkollen, the hunger for better waves needed to be cured. The cure was found for some of us at Lejet in Varberg where saturday june 21st delivered another great day. Tormod, Thomas, Mathias, Runar and my self drove the 450 km to Varberg on friday afternoon and woke up in Varberg saturday morning to sun and wind. In the morning i sailed with my 5,0m2 and after lunch I had to rigg down and use my 4,4m2, the waves where also better during my second session. After totaly 4-4,5 hour on the water I was worn out and had to take the rest of the day off, I was tempted to go for an afternoon session in Apelviken but in the end I decided to save my strength for another day. After all it had been a great day, just check out the pictures.
Lejet i Varberg II

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Super thuesday in Varberg

At last we got a classic north/west day in Varberg, Sweden. Even if it was on a thuesday, many desperate norwegian windsurfers took a day of from work to get a day of perfect conditions in the bay in Treslövslejet. Paul, Runar, Tormod, Håkon, Ole Petter and my self where some of the lucky surfers who drove 860 km for a day of wind, waves and sun. After about four hours out in the waves I was hungry, exhaust and very pleased with my self for taking a day of from work. I was absolutly worth the drive, even if I almost lost one of the front wheels on my car driving home.
Lejet i Varberg

Sunday, June 8, 2008

At last we got some wind

Sunday june 8th we finaly got some decent southwest wind and had a great day at Larkollen sailing 5,7m2 and also 5.3m2 in 22 degress water and airtemp close to 30C, what more could we ask for? Maybe a litle bit stronger wind?
I heard that some friends who was saling further south on the coast was using smaler sails, but we had a good time at Larkollen and ended it with a great barbeque on the beach after the wind had dropped.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

New boom?

I dropped by one of Oslo's windsurfingshops, Lilleby which is run by my friend Kjell. He had just got a new boom into his shop and I dropped in to check it out. But even if it has been a very long time since i rigged my gear due to the lack of wind I do belive that the boom that I used last time I sailed maybe was a few year newer than this one.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Things to do when the wind and waves are missing

Like always in May we are strugeling with north /easterly winds in May, this means that the wind we gets is very gusty and don't give us any swell. The freeriders are having a blast but those of us who are praying for wind and waves.........well we have to be patient and hope for better days. In June it usually is a change in the wind direction witch means that the dominant wind direction is from the south witch also brings us som swell to play with.
In the meantime i take my bike and goes for a ride in the woods surrounding Oslo, here are som pictures , and if the wind doesn't materialise, there will be many more of those.
Nordmarka Summer 2008

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

New picture in Boards

This picture was printed in the April Issue of Boards Magazine, as one off readers pict. If you like to se more pictures from this day just click on the picture and you will come to my Picasa Webalbum where you will find many pictures from Pissrenna and many other places. Enjoy!
Lista 08092007

Saturday, March 22, 2008

This winter in Oslo

Here is some pictures from this winter in the woods surrounding Oslo, all in all there has been some great days for crosscountry skiing. Despite the strange winter we has had.
Nordmarka Winter 2007/2008

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Great day for crosscountryskiing in Oslo

After yesterdays snowboarding at Norefjell, sunday was spent crosscountryskiing in Nordmarka, the forrest that surrounds Oslo. The tripp was like this Movatn-Tømte-Gørja and returned almost the same way- The conditions was great after last night fresh snow, just look at the pictures.

Powder at Norefjell

Went to Norefjell on saturday and had a great day snowboarding in the powder. Spent most of the day cruising around in the offpiste area at Bøsæter in a lot of powder. And during the day it started to snow more. Looks like it's going to come a lot of snow next week, at least up in the mountains.

King Winter is here!

Last weekend I went to Hemsedal with some friends on saturday night to enjoy a day of powder on my snowboard. We had a great day with lots of fresh powder, maybe over half a meter. Forgot to bring my camera so you just have to imagine. We tested out the offpist area called Gummiskogen or in english rubberforrest, and had a realy great run. At the end I was totaly excausted since it for me was a to many trees and and to much snow. Either way it was a great day.