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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Larkollen going off

Larkollen 25 oktober 2008

Ohaaaa, what a day! Larkollen was fiering on all sylinders to day, after waring up for one hour with 4,1m2, it realy took off. I rigged my 3,7m2 and went out again. After a while there where only four off us left out there, Bjørn, Pekke, Paul and my self. Everyboyd else was blown out off the water. But those off us who was left had a blast as the waves picked up and we actually ended up getting some nice rideable waves between the whale and our shelter behind Denmark. When I finally was excaused I grabbed my camera and took some pictures off Pekka and Bjørn who was riding sideshore just outside the beach. All the pictures from "the whale" was taken my Boyd,

Monday, October 20, 2008

Everything was to big

What a day! Took a day off from work to enjoy a great day on the water. Jørgen and I went to Larkollen and we had a great day with only on problem, everything was to big. I used my 78 liter board with a 8,75 fin and a 4,1m2 sail. After an hour with a couple of backloop attemts I had to go inn and rigg my new 3,7m2. After about half an hour, even this sail got to big. And pretty soon even the board and fin seamed to big. Despite this we just kept on sailing, but the backloop attemts was dropped after a couple realy nasty attemts. It looks like the rest off the week also will be pretty windy. Looking forward to it.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Two days with 5,0m2

Had a great weekend with two day of 5,0m2 sailing at home. Friday I took of early from work and went to Larkollen. Had a great hour and a half playing in the onshore waves until the wind dropped just as it got dark around 7 o'clock.
On saturday Jørgen and I went to Hvaler and checked out a spot called Ørekroken. Nothing much to write about, so we went to another spot called Brattestø. Her the wind picked ut and pretty soon it was great 5,0m2 conditions. We cruised out to an Island called Akerøya and had a great time sailing in side/on waves with the biggest waves around 2 meters. But it's a long way back to the beach, especially with a broken mastfoot. Going out trough the waves I got wiped out when a wave was breaking right into my face. The mast extention broke clear off andI was swimming in the waves. After about 30 minuttes I managed to rigg up again, but missing about 30 cm downhaul made it a loooooong way back in to the beach

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Blown away in Varberg

Lejet i Varberg III
Varberg almost became norwegian this weekend. When the forcast promissed a lot of wind, many of us cruised down the E6 to Varberg. But hardly anyone could imagin that we would get this much wind. Saturday was great for most of us, we sailed in Lejet and I used my 5,0m2, but would probably have been more happy with my 5,3m2.

Saturday night it was blowing cats and dogs (max.32m/s) and the waves where getting big out in Katetgat. When we came down to the beach around 8.30 it was down to "only" 17-21m/s. I went and took some pictures, but since it was rain buckets I decided to drop this project and change from my soaking wet jeans to a wetsuite and rigged the smalest sail I had (4,1m2) It was way to big, but I had a great time in the 3+ meters waves, until the wind dropped from 17 to 0 m/s in two seconds and I ended up swimming in for the second time in two days.