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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Varberg again

After many weeks without any realy good conditions, it looked lik this weekend finaly would deliver some serious action. Tormod and my self decided to join Paul in Varberg . That decicion did cost us a great day at our homebreak Larkollen on saturday,.While we where sitting on the beach in Lejet enjoying the great weather (without wind) our friends at Larkollen was cruising around with 4,7m2. But we got a great steak and lobster at John's in the afternoon and when we left the restaurant around midnight it was blowing cats and dogs. We got up realy early on sundag morning (aprx. 7,45 ) only to find out that it already was pretty busy out on the water in Apelviken. I rigged my 5,3m2, took my 95 liter board and had a great session from 8,15 until 10.30, when it was time for a late breakfast. After couple of hours on the beach taking some pictures of Tormod and Paul ,I had another session with the same equipment, and even had to switch to a smaler board when the wind picked up. But al good things has to end, including the wind. After an hour and half the wind got gusty before it dropped and it was time to pack up and go home.