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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Varberg september 2010

Varberg in september 2010

At last something to write about, after a realy slow summer without much wind september looks like the month to save the season for us wind starving windsurfers. After a couple off good days at our local break Larkollen the forcast for this weekend looked realy god for the west coast of bouth Norway and Sweden. I endend up in Varberg, Sweden and had a great day on saturday. Sailing al day in Lejet where the was as good as it gets in Varberg. In the morning i used my 3,7m2, in the middel off the day the wind dropped and I used my 5,0m2. But the wind picked up again in the afternoon and I ended up sailing with my 4,4m2 before I packed up and went up to Apelviken where I took some pictures off some friends who was windsurfing into the sunset. On Sunday I got two hours with my 5,0m2 in Lejet before I went home to Oslo, a very satisfied and tired man.

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