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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Backloops on the forth day in Pozo

Another day whit great conditions i Pozo, sailed 4,4m2 all day and was woorking real hard on nailing my first backloop in years. I have to admitt that it helps a lot to know that someone on the beach is watching you trough a camera lens, ever heard of "Kodakcourage"?. To morrow is my last day here, leaving for the airport at 12.30, but are planing on a last session after breakfast. Maybee I will nail it 100% this time. To day I just missed the landing by a few centimeters.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Take off on the third day in Pozo

To day we had to go down a size in sails due to the strong wind. For me that meant 4,1m2 which is my smalest sail, lucky enough it was smal enough for me even many was using sails as small as 3,2m2. This meant that had pretty good lift in my jumps and that I honestly can say that I know how it feels to jump from 10 meters with a windsurfer. My advise is to land tail first and hold your breat. What ever you do try to avoid flatt landings, they hurt.........and can break your board. I managed to land most of my jumps safely in bouth my sessions to day. The first session was the best and thats when the pictures of me where taken. During the second session the wind had dropped a bitt but it was still enough for my 4,1m2.
For more pictures check out my webalbum,

Second day in Pozo

Another day with great conditions, sail 4,4m2 all day but maybe I should have switched to my 4,1m2 during my first session. In the afternoon it was perfect using 4,4m2 and the waves where better. Many thanks to Pauls betterhalf who was patient enough to take almost 300 pictures of us during our first session. Some of the pictures are already awailable in my webalbum. To morrow looks like another great day with at least 4,4m2 sailing.
Pozo 2008

Saturday, July 26, 2008

First day in Pozo

Arrived Gran Canaria at 2 o'clock local time and went stright to Pozo. Got my Hostel and car organized and got a great Spagiti Carbonara at "la vienta". Relaxed a litle bitt and hit the water around 6 o'clock. After one and a half hour sailing 4,4m2 and my 78 liter I packed up my gear and took some pictures of Vegard who just arrived from Mauritzius. Looks like the wind will pick up again to morrow.

Friday, July 25, 2008

Ready for Pozo

To morrow saturday, I'm going to Gran Canaria to spend 5 days in Pozo. My friend Paul is already down there, enjoying the wind and waves. If the wind delivers as it's supposed to do in July, it will be a great weekend pluss three days before I leave on wedensday after lunch.

I will bring my camera but don't expect any uppdates before I get back home, since I'm considering leaving my computer at home .

Hasta la vista amigos!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

A classic july day at Larkollen

I arrived at the parking at Larkollen around 12 o'clock on sunday, the wind was already steady and I rigged my 5,7m2, grabbed my 95 liter and went for at test run. Only to find out that it was to big, went stright inn to the beach and switched to my 5,3m2 and 84 liter board. Had a great day and sailed for about 5 hours sometimes overpowered. After a short rest and some food, I grabbed my camera and took some pictures when Thomas went out for a ride in the afternoon.