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Friday, July 31, 2009

Blown away at Larkollen

Jørgen, Pekka & my self was waiting patient for the wind to arrive at Larkollen yesterday, and we was rewarded with a great session at "smørbrød". We sailed with 4,4m2 and got a litle taste off how good it could be out there. And yes it was sideshore, but we always had the feeling that the wind & waves was almost ready to go off but they just wouldn't let go. So in the end we went back to the beach only to find out that the wind realy kicked inn as we was almost in at the beach. I sail a couple off rounds at "Hvalen" but pretty soon my sail was to big to handle and I went back to the beach. Considered going out with my 3,7m2 but it was getting darker every minute so I dropped it. One off the guys messured the wind to steady 21 m/s just after we had rigged down.

After a night in my van that was shaking in the wind all night we got out off our sleepingbags around 04.30 this morning, time to get up an rigg. Tried to get out on the water with my 3,7m2 around 05.15 but it was blowing much more than the 21 m/s we meassured yesterday night. I was totaly overpowered even in the shelter off the forrest. I managed to get out on the water but couldn't even get out of the bay due to the nukin wind. After a while I dropped it and decided to rigg down and go to work.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Lista juli 2009

Lista juli 2009
Jørgen, Tormod and my self took the looong drive from Oslo to Lista on friday and scored bigtime on saturday. After a slow start of the day the wind and waves picked up around 2 o'clock. I sailed with my 5,0m2 and 84 liter waveboard and had a great time out in the waves, as usual "Pisserenna" delivered sideshore conditions and for a litle while even sideoff. We even got time to take some pictures, at the moment I have only got hold on my own pictures but I hope that Tormod will allow me to use some off his pictures on my webalbum since many off them are off my self sailing.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Finaly some wind in July

It's been a loooooong time since we had any good conditions at Larkollen, but to day we got lucky and had a great a time. Some of my friends was out on the water about 2 o'clock sailing 4,7m2 to 5,3m2.
When I arrived about 4 o'clock I rigged my 5,0m2, took my 84 liters waveboard and had almost two hours of great sailing in my shorty. As predicted the wind dropped around 6 o'clock but it dropped a lot quicker than we expected, so many of the guys ended up swimming back to the beach. When Jørgen got back on the beach as the last guy after a looooong swim, your could sort your stampcollection on the beach.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Pozo in july 2009

Took a 5 days trip to Pozo the week before the worldcup and had a great time, sailing 4,4m2 everyday. There was some pretty serious action out on the water since the worldcup sailors where training for the competition this week. One of the highlight has to be the double forward by Victor Lopez that I managed to get pictures of.
Pozo in july 2009

On this picture Kai Lenny is looking for a place to land. Just click on the picture to get more shots from my trip to Pozo