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Sunday, August 16, 2009

A great day at Larkollen

Larkollen 2009

After a summer almost without desent wind at our local break Larkollen we sent our dear friend Thomas (who is living at Larkollen) on a weekendtrip to Balticum, it payed off big time. Sunday was almost as good as Larkollen can get in the summer. I sailed for an hour with my 5.0m2 and the rest of the day with my 4,4m2. Had great time on the water but as always in the summer the waves was not as god as we like them to be. But even if some of us where missing bigger waves, there where plenty off windsurfers who couldn't care less about the waves, the place was crawling with windsurfers on every level. It looked like everbody who had a windsurfer in theire garage or anywhere else had decided to go Windsurfing at Larkollen.

In other words it was a great day for windsurfers of any level, let's just hope the next day will come sone.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Mountainbiking in Nordmarka

Odd-Steinar & I took a litle trip in to the forest on our moutainbikes to day, it was raining when we left the car but pretty soon it stopped. It was wet and slippery on the track but with great wett tiers on the bike we managed to pas all the rocks and roots. After about 2,5 hour we got back to the car smiling in the sun after a great session. The pictures are taken with my cellphone Nokia E71

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Supernice wakesurf in the sunset

Surf & Wake in Bunnefjorden
Jørgen, Terje & the photographer had a super nice afternoon wakesurfing in the sunset in Bunnefjorden outside Oslo,. We al enjoyed the supersmooth conditions and I also enjoyed the great light for my camera.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wake & surf at Vollen

Surf & wake i Vollenbukta
Jørgen, Terje and my self took the opportunity to get some action on the water to day and went out with Jørgens boat to ride some wake. Terje was ripping on a wakesurfboard and Jørgen on a wakeboard. They both was charging and I managed to get some nice shoots off them.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

5 years ago in Stavanger

Orrestranden, Stavanger

Late in september 2004 Jørgen, Pekka and my self took a weekendtrip to Stavanger. The plan was to sail at Refsnes or Orrestranden on friday and saturday. We was revarded with two epic days of sideshore conditions with great waves and wind. The waves was hughe and the wind was plenty enough to sail 4,2m2 for me. I even managed to take som pictures and shoot two movies during the weekend, the pictures was taken with an old "non-digitaly" camera and I just found the pictures and scanned them.

To see the movies from Refsnes & Orre please use these links